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Strategic Growth Partners

At Bond Capital we understand what it takes to start and grow a successful company because we did just that in early 2002 when we opened the doors for the first time. Bond Capital is a true entrepreneurial growth partner where Bond’s owners are willing to share skill sets with other owners for mutual financial benefit.

At Bond Capital we have an excellent track record of helping entrepreneurs to increase stakeholder value by providing the right amount of capital in the form of debt or equity, adding mentorship only when required, and being prepared to share the playbook that will maintain the discipline of compliance to a strategic plan. Bond Capital works with management and ownership to identify and understand value creating goals and objectives. Bond Capital will facilitate the go forward strategic plan by making the necessary direct investment in real dollars. Bond Capital will be available to help management execute their strategy during the periods following the initial transaction closing date. You should know that Bond Capital puts the full resources of its entire firm behind each investment that we make. This means our partners “you” gain access to our experience, our network of associates, and the Bond Capital financial structure formula. Working with an experienced financial growth partner like Bond Capital means that you will make more money faster.

About Us

Industry Focus & Geographic Areas

Bond Capital has experience in and focuses on: oil and gas services, value added manufacturing, specialty distribution and wholesale, transportation, business services, information technology and services, agriculture, food products, financial services, health care, private education, consumer products and other growth sectors.

As a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Bond Capital is best described as a generalist. We have worked with many types of business and have found similarities in the banking requirements of each.

In our experience, proximity is a key ingredient to success. We consider all companies that can be accessed within a few hours from our head office in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Investment Philosophy

Bond Capital invests in the moral character of the owners who approach us for financing. We want to build trust and seek out common values long before the transaction appears on the horizon. We are available to dialogue with companies wishing to be guided towards a sustainable competitive advantage evidenced by growing positive cash flow, and good governance practices.

Bond Capital is guided by fairness, transparency, and directness. We seek partners with similar values. Bond Capital is a growth oriented value investor willing to provide the necessary stewardship resources both financial and otherwise.

We specifically avoid significant invasive change to any Bond Capital investee business. We wish to collaborate by providing best practices dialogue as an invited observer at the Board of Directors level. Bond Capital has a history of relying on management to operate the business while we specialize on banking, finance and when requested mentorship.

Investment Size & Structure

Our direct investments at Bond Capital can range from $2 million to $30 million structured as debt and or equity. We seek to arrange financially possible structures with or without syndication. Non-syndicated capital structures inclusive of Bond Capital tend to range from $10,000,000 to $100,000,000. If it is necessary to access more capital, Bond Capital can structure, arrange and fund through its proprietary syndication network. A normal capital appropriation would likely be equal parts of senior debt and equity. Bond Capital will participate when a gap exists between the entrepreneur and the Bank.

A typical Bond Capital investment consists of an interest bearing current pay debt or debt-like instrument being paired with a deferred payment in lieu of common share equity. Often referred to as an “equity kicker’ the deferred payment is usually in the form of warrants. Subject to the risk profile of the prospective company Bond Capital investments can be structured using other forms of capital. To illustrate we have previously used common share equity, redeemable preferred stock with and without conversion rights, bonus interest and PIK (payment-in kind) to reduce the current-pay cash interest, and royalties to name a few alternatives.

Our Team

Davis Vaitkunas, Founder
Davis V. Vaitkunas, B Comm. is a finance veteran. He has spent over twenty years advising business owners about finance, capital structure strategy, raising capital, and the cost of capital.

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Jim Elliott, Chief Financial Officer
Jim Elliott, CA has over twenty years of entrepreneurial investment and business building experience. His expertise in corporate accounting, reporting, capital structure strategy, tax matters, and cash flow analysis are a useful resource for investee companies seeking to improve business performance.

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Corry Silbernagel, Managing Director
Corry J. Silbernagel, P. Eng. MBA, understands how to determine the right mix of debt and equity to amplify business success. Corry has a successful track record of using cash flow analysis and other tools to advise Bond Capital investee companies as to which capital structure will best provide the cash flow needed to get the job done. As managing director and head of originations, Corry is responsible for new investment opportunities.

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Code of Conduct

Bond Capital promotes ethical practices amongst its employees, stakeholders, associates and partners. We maintain a vision of the highest professional standards based on privacy, integrity, fidelity, and transparency. This means that we will treat our relationship with you and any personal or business information shared by you or entrusted to us as proprietary and confidential.

We will not disclose this information to anyone without first consulting you to obtain your express written consent. Furthermore, we have policies and procedures in place to safekeep any information provided to us by you.

At Bond Capital we take ethics and privacy very seriously and see our necessary fiduciary relationship as both a privilege and a responsibility.

Privacy Policy

Bond Capital is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Commitment describes how we collect, use and disclose the personal information of our clients.

Personal information includes any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual. It does not include the name, or business contact information of an employee of an organization.

We are responsible for protecting any personal information you provide to our office, and we have policies and procedures in place for this purpose.

Bond Capital collects personal information directly from you as a requirement to complete our loan investigation process. Having all the necessary information helps the partners and staff at Bond Capital to provide you with the quality of service you have come to expect.

Bond Capital collects your personal information to:

  • verify your identity,
  • provide you with information and advice on programs and services that may be of interest and benefit to you,
  • provide financial services requested by you,
  • complete administrative services, and
  • comply with legal and due diligence regulations.

If you are currently a client, we may possess personal information about you that was collected and/or used prior to implementing our Privacy Policy for which we do not have your express consent. We will continue to use this information for the purposes listed above unless you request that we stop doing so for a specific purpose.

It is important that the information contained in our records is both accurate and current. If any of your personal information should change, please notify us so that we may maintain accurate and complete records.

Your business is important to us. Please contact our Privacy Officer with any concerns or complaints that you may have so we will be able to address them.