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Bond Capital is a direct lender of mezzanine financing, private equity, subordinated debt and many other alternative forms of capital.

Living in Manzanita

Positioned 137 kilometres west of Portland, Manzanita is a residential and resort community situated along the Pacific Ocean. It's flanked by 11 kilometres of sandy beach, state and private forests, and Neahkahnie Mountain (part of the Oregon Coast Range) in Tillamook County.

The dynamic coastal city is rugged and remote and best known for its vacation rentals. At last count, Manzanita is home to 725 permanent residents. (City of Manzanita). The demographic mainly consists of a population of second-home owners with a majority of early retirees in their mid fifties or professionals from Seattle and Portland. The most common language spoken in Manzanita other than English is Spanish with 9.8% of Manzanita citizens speaking a non-English language. (Census Bureau).

The climate is mild with winter temperatures averaging four to 10 degrees Celsius. Summer afternoons typically top out on average between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius.

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Manzanita | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Manzanita | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Manzanita | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Manzanita | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Economic Drivers & Business Growth in Manzanita

The main economic driver in Manzanita is tourism and real estate, which is bolstered by vacation rentals and hotels. Adventure and recreation amenities round out a portion of the town's economy. You can experience a guided horseback-riding tour from Nehalem Bay State Park, the nine-hole Manzanita Golf Course and driving range, surfing and SUP lessons, and biking options. Fishing is available year-round on the Nehalem River and other north coast streams for salmon, steelhead and sea-run cutthroat trout. There's crabbing for Dungeness in Nehalem Bay, which separates the sand spit at the south end of Manzanita from the mainland.

According to the Commercial Manzanita Comprehensive Plan, areas for businesses that cater to motorists on U.S. 101 will be available. It's not intended that the highway be lined with business, which would reduce highway safety and/or adversely affect the appearance of the city and the coast highway. Adequate areas for local business are designated along Laneda Avenue.

In accordance to the city's limit commercial use, the area 30 metres north and south of Laneda Avenue and 30 metres east of Ocean Road is designated limited commercial in order to control the scenic character of the oceanfront and prevent possibly incompatible commercial uses. Commercial activities here are limited to tourist accommodations, eating and drinking establishments and other related activities.

The Manzanita area is one of the most developable communities in Tillamook County as per the findings for the establishment of the urban growth area boundary. (City of Manzanita Community Plan). Manzanita contains no agricultural lands, commercial land, forestlands, potential landslide areas, or major floodplains. Sewer service with adequate capacity is available to most of the community.

Modern Banking Strategy

If you are seeking an infusion of capital to stimulate company growth and help facilitate your business strategies in Manzanita, Bond Capital is an experienced Canadian merchant bank and direct source of capital that offers customized total financial solutions.

We can help to build a unique business solution that will foster growth and diversity in your business. You can achieve financial efficiency while increasing competitiveness and gaining access to more capital by working with us.

We are available to dialogue with companies wishing to be guided towards a sustainable competitive advantage evidenced by growing positive cash flow, and good governance practices.

If you would like to learn more about the business loan options available to you, please contact us today. We will arrange a meeting with one of our Manzanita representatives.

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