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Do you have a qualified business opportunity in Prince George or are you looking to expand your existing company?

Bond Capital is a direct lender of mezzanine financing, private equity, subordinated debt and many other alternative forms of capital.

Living in Prince George

British Columbia's northern region is renowned for its magnificent landscape among a thriving range of natural resources and ecosystem diversity. Prince George is situated in the heart of BC, 800 km north of Vancouver and 740 km west of Edmonton, Alberta.

With a population of 71,363 (BC Stats 2015), Prince George offers immediate access to four-season outdoor recreation activities that are complemented by a full range of urban amenities among established neighbourhoods and communities. Its size and unique location are factors in making it one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, full of economic opportunity; since 2012, more than a quarter of a billion dollars has been spent on significant projects and developments in Prince George.

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Prince George | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Prince George | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Prince George | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Prince George | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Business Growth in Prince George

Pulp & paper and the forestry industry coupled with a rich natural resource base are two of the main economic drivers in Price George within an increasingly diversified economy. Positioned with a strategic advantage due to its key geographic locations and skilled workforce, the other major components of Prince George's economic make-up include: mining, energy & bioenergy, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and construction.

Construction remains one of the key employment sectors due to capital investment in Prince George and local companies providing support to major projects throughout northern BC.

Tourism, health care (University Hospital of Northern BC and the BC Cancer Agency Centre for the North), education (University of Northern British Columbia), and wholesale & retail trade also contribute to the city's main sectors.

Prince George is experiencing growth in professional services, hospitality, construction, forestry, and manufacturing. Local supply and service companies are expanding as a result of regional mining and oil & gas activity.

As a sustainable and engaging environment, Prince George is connected to the world by modern telecommunications, road, air, and rail, making the city an ideal location for manufacturing, transportation, logistics and export operations.

Modern Banking Strategy

Do you need capital to complete your business plans? Bond Capital offers customized total financial solutions to businesses in Prince George who want more than the status quo.

Business in Prince George is competitive and the bankers at Bond Capital are adept at accurately matching capital to opportunity to help you grow your business and prosper as a shareholder.

We understand banking and will help you prepare for and negotiate the best deal with other bankers, stakeholders, and equity investors while eliminating any requirements to provide proof of financing.

If you would like to learn more about the business loan options available to you, please contact us today. We will arrange a meeting with one of our Prince George representatives.

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