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Living in Strathcona County

Strathcona County is a specialized municipality located directly east of Edmonton with a population of around 98,000 people. The major hamlet therein is Sherwood Park which is where over half of the residents live. Because of its location in the centre of Alberta's energy and agricultural heartland, Strathcona County's economy relies heavily on major industries. Nonetheless, it is a "thriving, successful and vibrant community" that is making plans to expand and grow.

The winters can be cold and the summers can be hot. So, Strathcona County hosts a range of both indoor and outdoor recreation activities for its residents. Seasonal outdoor activities enjoyed around Strathcona County include hiking, canoeing, hunting, cross-country skiing, and skating. Indoor recreation facilities offer a wide range of programs, activities and sports.

Naturally, hockey is a popular sport here year-round with opportunities to play both indoors and outdoors as weather permits. Strathcona County recent hosted the The Rogers™ Hometown Hockey™ Tour, presented by Scotiabank - a free family-friendly hockey celebration featuring two days of live entertainment, NHL alumni including Glenn Anderson, Grant Fuhr and Craig MacTavish along with hosts Ron MacLean and Tara Slone.

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Strathcona County, AB | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Strathcona County, AB | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Strathcona County, AB | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Strathcona County, AB | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt

Strathcona County is setup to support business and industry. For over 70 years, Strathcona County has lead the way in petrochemical relationships and investment. It boasts a highly-skilled workforce and is situated close to major transportation hubs. It is also and home to Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing areas.

The opportunities in the energy sector are expanding. Strathcona County has devoted resources to supporting Canada's largest hydrocarbon refining cluster. Therein, it stands as a leader in industrial development. The local government works with regional partners to support sustainable economic growth. Beyond oil, the major industrial products of the area include plastics, paints, coatings, solvents, fibers and various industrial chemicals. Services provided by businesses in the area include scientific and technical services (including digital oilfield sensors/scanners) along with logistics and transportation providers.

Agriculture also plays a part in the local economy. Strathcona County has developed an Agriculture Master Plan and has identified long-terms goals towards sustainability and food security. This plan was awarded the 2016 Award for Planning Excellence by the Canadian Institute of Planners. The major crops the region can support include barley, wheat and canola as well as a some specialty crops such as peas, lentils.


Business in Strathcona County is thriving and the team at Bond Capital are adept at accurately matching capital to opportunity to help you achieve your business goals.

If you are seeking an infusion of capital to stimulate company growth and help facilitate your business strategies, Bond Capital is an experienced Canadian merchant bank and direct source of capital that offers customized total financial solutions.

We can help to build a unique business solution that will foster growth and diversity in your business. You can achieve financial efficiency while increasing competitiveness and gaining access to more capital by working with us.

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