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Do you have a qualified business opportunity in Vancouver or are you looking to expand your existing company?

Bond Capital is a direct lender of mezzanine financing, private equity, subordinated debt and many other alternative forms of capital.

Bond Capital is an established institutional provider of mezzanine financing and private debt to small and medium sized enterprises in Western Canada and the USA’s Northwest. We provide one stop direct lending solutions for business owners who need access to capital without giving up control.

Bond Capital is a total direct lending solution and direct source of senior debt, first lien debt, second lien debt, mezzanine debt, deeply subordinated debt, structured equity and other alternative forms of risk capital for businesses owned by passionate Vancouver entrepreneurs.

For over ten years, we have been a preferred supplier of debt and equity capital because we offer creative high-quality risk capital quickly and quietly. Entrepreneurs and prospective business owners who partner with Bond Capital will get 100% of the capital they need (as term loans, senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, later stage venture capital, or equity) on time every time.

If mezzanine debt, private debt or any other capital course will help to fulfill a business’ goals, Bond Capital can help determine a route to move the business forward.

If you would like to learn more about the private credit options available to you, please contact us today. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with one of our Bond Capital representatives in Vancouver.

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Vancouver | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt
Vancouver | Mezzanine Financing & Private Debt